A Community Giving Program To Provide
Periodontal Dental Care For Seniors

Comfort Dental Care of Brookline is proud to be chosen as the dental care provider to seniors in the ground-breaking Regain Your Smile Campaign.

Regain Your Smile Campaign - Dental Services For Seniors

Here’s The Concern:

While oral health is vital to total health, and most dental disease is preventable, dental problems usually increase exponentially with age, becoming more serious and more expensive.

According to the CDC and the NIH anywhere from 20-35% of seniors (65+) have moderate to severe gum disease.  However, with the properly selected procedures and education gum disease can be treated and even reversed.

Because dental insurance is usually a benefit of employment, most seniors do not have it. Those who are insured find that the costs covered are limited to preventative care and smaller less invasive procedures. Paying for dental care out-of-pocket is difficult for elders on a fixed income as well as low priority compared to housing, food and healthcare.

Here’s The Solution:

For the Regain Your Smile Campaign, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) and Universal Dental Plan (UDP) have teamed up to make dental care accessible to low-income seniors with gum disease.  This campaign is designed to provide financial assistance for lower-income seniors in order to obtain the necessary dental services to prevent, reduce, and repair dental-related problems.

Comfort Dental Care of Brookline has been chosen as the dental partner to provide the actual dental care for the Regain Your Smile Campaign.  Please watch the short video above as our Dr. Michael Milos explains how gum disease can affect your teeth.

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