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With Our General Dentistry Services

Prevent Dental Problems With Regular Check-Ups

smiling woman with beautiful smileGeneral Dentistry offers preventative and restorative dental care and maintains clean and healthy teeth and gums, prevents dental cavities and tooth decay and prevents other dental problems from occurring.

Dental cleanings and dental exams are the foundation of sound dental care.

During professional cleanings, built-up tartar and calculus is removed that simply can’t be reached or removed by brushing alone.  Catching tooth decay early can save your teeth. And speaking of saving teeth, did you know the greatest cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease?  Regular dental appointments help prevent gum disease, and assist you in managing any oral health issues you may be having.

Did you know that dental fillings actually strengthen your tooth?

Due to advanced technology, today’s filling materials have been substantially improved.  You don’t have to be treated with unsightly silver amalgam. Today’s preferred options for tooth restoration are mercury-free, composite fillings. These “white fillings” are made of durable resin and porcelain materials that are bonded to your teeth. The technology behind these new materials allows them to bond to the tooth structure, actually strengthening the tooth.

We use State-of-the-Art digital dental X-rays for the most accurate diagnosis.

Dental x-rays are a necessary and essential tool and provide information not visible in a dental exam. Your x-rays detect abnormalities such as tooth  decay, abscesses, oral infections, and bone loss. At Longwood Dental Group, dental x-rays needed are determined on an individual basis. Your dentist will recommend necessary dental x-rays based upon your individual requirements.

We accept most dental insurances.

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