Using modern dental technology, the premium crown materials, and the impressive skills of our dentists at Comfort Dental Care of Brookline, we are able to offer you the highest quality cosmetic dental restoration excellence when it comes to same day dental crowns. 

dental crowns

When Would You Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are prescribed for badly decayed, broken, or cracked teeth as a result of injuries, poor dental hygiene, or typical use over time. If the issue can’t be solved by a dental filling, a crown is needed. This procedure is also used for teeth that have had root canals and are placed on dental implants to replace missing teeth. 


What is the Dental Crown Process?

Our dentists’ first step in this process is to examine the tooth that is receiving the crown. X-rays may be taken of the tooth in order to fully analyze the tooth and bone around it. Our dental professionals will also take digital pictures of the tooth which are used to create a 3-D version. 

The tooth will then be filed down on the tops and sides, removing any unwanted materials, such as decay or damaged areas, and making room for the crown itself. Once the tooth is reshaped and the CEREC crown has been created out of ceramic, it will be cemented to your original tooth. This crown will fit seamlessly into the area without affecting other aspects of your mouth like your bite. 

During this cosmetic restoration, the dental cap is placed over the damaged tooth. While there are many types of dental crowns, these same day crowns are made entirely out of high-strength ceramic and porcelain and are used to cover your teeth in order to protect the damaged area, avoiding pain and further issues. 

Our CEREC same-day dental crowns are cemented into place and cover the visible surface area of your damaged tooth. Because we use CEREC crown technology, this process is completed in one visit and will more naturally resemble your surrounding teeth. The result is not only a faster process, but also a strong, functional, and beautiful tooth.

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