Watertown is a town located in Middlesex County and is a close suburb of the city of Boston. This town is home to residential neighborhoods and businesses and has grown in popularity in recent years for its affordable housing relative to the proximity of the city. Watertown is a great place for young families or professionals who commute into Boston for work. 

Comfort Dental Care of Brookline is located less than a 20 minute drive from Watertown, MA. Our office in Brookline offers a wide range of general, specialty, and children’s dentistry to the residents of Watertown, MA. We are currently accepting new patients; contact us today to schedule an appointment!

General Dentistry Near Watertown, MA

Our general dentistry services are designed to prevent oral issues from developing and keep your smile strong and healthy throughout your life. It is important to visit us for professional cleanings and routine exams at least twice a year. Schedule your oral check-up at our office in Brookline today!

Gum Disease 

Some of the risk factors of gum disease include bad oral hygiene, smoking, genetics, or underlying disease. If you fail to catch the development of gum disease early, it can lead to tooth loss in adults and oral pain. Regular exams and cleanings are crucial for early detection and resolution of forming gum disease. 

Children’s Dental Care Near Watertown, MA

If you and your children are insured under MassHealth, most of your children’s dental procedures will be fully covered under this provider. Comfort Dental Care offers a wide range of services to children including but not limited to exams, cleanings, crowns, braces, and root canals. 

Dental Extractions 

There are several instances that can result in a tooth extraction such as disease, crowding in your mouth, or wisdom teeth development. We understand that tooth extractions can be a painful and daunting process. Our board certified dentists here at Comfort Dental Care are here to make the experience both during and after the procedure a smooth one. 

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Our team of general and restorative dentists here at Comfort Dental Care are committed to offering the highest quality of care to all patients. We encourage all residents of our neighboring town, Watertown, to schedule your next dental appointment with us!