The Greater Boston area is full of beautiful residential neighborhoods, booming businesses, and thriving city life. The rich culture and large financial district draw thousands of tourists and young professionals to the city each year. Whether you are a new resident of the city of Boston or have lived here your entire life, Comfort Dental Care is here to provide you with top-quality dental services.

Our office is located in Brookline, which is a short 15-minute drive outside of downtown Boston. Seeking care outside of the city provides benefits such as convenient parking and fewer crowds. We are happy to accept all new patients from the city of Boston or the surrounding neighborhoods for our wide range of dental services. 

General Dentistry Near Boston, MA

Regular teeth cleanings, exams, and checkups are some of the best ways to keep up with your oral health. Preventative dentistry can help catch issues before they form into a more significant problem. Comfort Dental Care is proud to have some of the best general dentists in the greater Boston area. Schedule your next cleaning and exam with us today!

Gum Disease 

Gum disease can develop in an individual of any age; however, it is most commonly seen in those from 30 – 40 years of age. Periodontal disease is prevalent in almost half of adults over 40 and often develops from failure to properly care for your gums. Catching gum disease early will help prevent tooth loss and other oral issues. Regular dental checkups are the best way to monitor the potential development of gum disease. 

Children’s Dental Care Near Boston, MA

It is important to take your children to a dentist trained in child oral care to ensure they are equipped to make your child feel comfortable during the visit. The Dentists at Comfort Dental Care are experts at all dental services for children 5 years old and above! 

Dental Extractions 

A dental extraction may be necessary because of tooth crowding from wisdom teeth or after some kind of oral trauma. It is essential to go to a reliable, high-quality dentist for dental extractions to ensure the procedure and healing process go smoothly. Our dentists here at Comfort Dental will provide are experts on extraction and guarantee a quick recovery.

Contact Us Today!

We are excited to welcome all new and returning patients from Boston into our Brookline office! Contact us at (617)738-1232 to learn more about our wide range of dental services. Our hours offer convenient scheduling outside of regular office hours including Saturdays.