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Who doesn’t love a little dark chocolate after dinner or a glass of red wine after a stressful day? While we don’t want to ruin your enjoyment of your guilty pleasures, there is something you should know. Foods and drinks with dark pigmentations and high acidic content can gradually stain your teeth, leaving your smile yellowed and dull. Now that you know the dirty truth, come with us to find out what you should try to avoid. 

1. Red Wine 

The high acidity level of red wine tends to open the pores within the enamel of your teeth, allowing the dark pigment of the liquid to stain the surface. Consider mixing in a sip of water every so often in an effort to wash away some of that dark wine before it can further impact your teeth.  

2. Candy

Sweets tend to contain colored dyes that take a toll on your teeth. Due to its dark nature, chocolate especially has the ability to slightly stain your teeth. 

3. Coffee and Tea

Those morning sips are doing more than just revving you up for the day. Because coffee and tea contain tannins, these liquids are most likely the main offenders when it comes to a yellowing smile. Tannins are a type of chemical compound that can cause color to attach to your teeth. We suggest adding a bit of milk to your beverage to help cut down on this potential for staining. 

4. Tomato-based Sauces 

By nature, tomato products, like spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce, are highly acidic. This acid is able to break down the strength of your teeth enamel. Don’t let this spoil your meal, but keep it in mind next time you’re indulging in your favorite carbs. 

5. Soda

Sports drinks and soda contain a great deal of sugar and are high in acidity. Both of these things lead to the erosion of your tooth enamel, making your smile more vulnerable to staining. These liquids are typically darker than your tooth color which allows for them to dull the shade of your pearly whites.  

6. Tobacco

Smoking pipes, e-cigarettes, cigars, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco can all cause your teeth to yellow. The active chemicals in tobacco are likely to have a big effect on the brightness of your smile, especially if used often. 

7. Berries 

Fruits that possess a dark pigmentation, like blueberries, cranberries, and red grapes for example, are more likely to cause tarnishing. While they may be good for your body, your teeth beg you to limit your intake.  

There’s so much to take into consideration when choosing what to include in your diet: nutrition, convenience, pleasure, cravings. While you don’t have to completely eliminate these drinks and foods that stain teeth, we do suggest trying to cut back a bit! 

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