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Routine dental check-ups are incredibly important to your overall health. Regular visits (ideally every six months) help keep your teeth and gums looking great, but more importantly, are a time for your dentist to spot any trouble areas and take preventative measures to keep your oral health in the best shape possible.

Read on to learn about some of the other reasons why regular dental check-ups are essential to your health.

Promote a Sparkling Smile

Even the best flossers and brushes can miss certain areas of their mouth during their oral hygiene routine. During a regular dental visit, one of the first things your dentist will do is conduct a routine dental cleaning. This professional cleaning service will remove any built-up tatar on and between your teeth as well as polish your smile.

All of this makes it harder for plaque to stick to your teeth, but also effectively removes stains to leave you with a brighter, healthier smile.

Allow for Early Intervention

After the routine dental cleaning, your dentist will conduct an examination of your teeth and gums. This is perhaps the most important part of the dental visit because they look for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and even mouth and throat cancer.

This allows for your dentist to intervene and be proactive about stopping the spread of any oral disease. This may mean setting up an appointment for a filling, giving a referral for a specialist, or requesting that you make changes to your oral health routine between now and your next visit.

Treat Bad Breath

No one likes to have bad breath. During a regular dental visit, you can get this problem treated or receive a diagnosis from your dentist. Oftentimes, bad breath is caused by built-up plaque and bacteria in your mouth which are removed during cleaning. However, it can also be a sign of gum disease or poor oral hygiene habits that your dentist will be able to help you with.


Receive Oral Hygiene Tips

Finally, we can’t overlook how important dental check-ups are for receiving professional oral hygiene tips and tricks from your dentist. Whether you already have questions about your oral hygiene or if your dentist noticed a few things during the routine cleaning and exam, you’re sure to receive expert advice during your appointment.

Perhaps they saw that you miss brushing toward the back of your mouth, or maybe you’re brushing a little too hard near your gums. No matter the case, your dentist can give you the best insight into your oral health and the things you can do every day to help improve or maintain it.

Regular Dental Check-Ups at Comfort Dental Care of Brookline

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